Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapter 2 Reflection

Alyssa Brandt

January 17, 2010

Chapter Two Reflection

The brain is incredibly complex and fascinating. Just knowing that a little piece of fleshy, squishy stuff controls what I do, think, eat, sleep, react to, and generally pay attention to. Knowing that the RAS is like a little watchdog for me, and that the cerebellum is responsible for whether or not I fall over can be kind of strange to think about, if it’s stripped down to what it is. A group of cells is controlling what your body does. Knowing how much of an influence neurotransmitters have on our behavior also makes me think that the best suited method of explaining abnormal behavior is the biopsychosocial, because it combines all of the influencers on behavior into one theory. Being able to put oneself into another person’s brain can be pretty interesting, too, like in the activity where we had to determine what each of the models would say about the unusual behavior.

After studying what each perspective interprets abnormal behavior as and applying it to situations, I can successfully conclude that the psychoanalytic theory does not have adequate support for the reliability and validity of the treatments within the theory. It mostly seems as if someone chose names for behavior that may or may not be present in most individuals at a certain age group, and then came up with reasons as to why it happened. Other than that theory and some things about the humanistic approach, I can find validity in the other psychology perspectives. When it comes down to it, one can’t accept everything he or she reads and must decide whether or not something is valid enough to apply to his or her own life.

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