Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shades of Abnormality

Psych 220 Shades of Abnormality


Rating: 2

The spells of nausea and fatigue could be a somatoform disorder of the stress caused by his and his parents’ belief system clashing. Psychotherapy may fix the symptoms.


Rating: 3/4

Signs of schizophrenia are apparent and should be checked out. The degradation of his social life, hearing voices, and locking himself in his room, plus the Nazi invasion, are all signs that something is severely wrong with him mentally. Psychotherapy is recommended.


Rating: 2

It’s natural for her to be disturbed about dating again, but since it is interfering with her personal life and often worries her, psychotherapy may not be a bad idea.


Rating: 1

He seems to be functioning correctly, and the slight societal pressure on him at his job as well as the work load could be remedied through decreasing his work hours, etc. He seems to have a healthy social life and love life. Psychotherapy is not necessary.

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